What questions need to be asked before installing a security system?

Feb 17, 2023 | Home Security

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A crime-free environment is at the forefront of the concerns of most homeowners. Upgrading to a reliable security system is a great way to achieve this. Purchasing a home security system is by no means a task to be taken lightly. There are various considerations to take into account before finding the right system.

In this seemingly endless ocean of factors to account for, it is important to prioritize quality and ease of use. The level of advanced features is also an important consideration. Here is a comprehensive guide that provides you with the most important questions you should be asking before installing a security system.

1. How long has the company been in the security business?

When it comes to choosing a security system company, you must consider its experience in the market. New companies may offer you low prices, but an experienced company will give you the reliability you require.

Moreover, choosing a local company is also advisable. This is because they have a better understanding of the prevailing market requirements.

2. Does the security system company conduct background checks on its employees?

Investing in a security system company means investing your faith in the employees and activities of the company. This is because they will be monitoring your home and the people living in it. Since you are providing them with access to sensitive information, it is important to consider whether they subject every member to thorough background checks. The more comprehensive the level of background checks, the better.

3. Is there any warranty or guarantee provided on the home security system?

The hallmark of a good home security system company is its ability to vouch for its quality through warranties. Choose a home security system that provides a long warranty period, since it helps establish faith in their services.

4. Is there a contract to sign?

Security system companies often require homeowners to sign a contract. Such systems are perfectly reasonable. However, you should ensure to read through the fine print. Read every clause in the contract. Find out all the underlying details before being party to any such contract.

5. Does the security system come with everything a homeowner will need?

A good security system will have all the necessary features built into it. Security cameras, carbon monoxide, and fire detection are some of the important features. It should also include wellness alert provisions, alarm monitoring as well as top-notch video surveillance. Energy managers could also be useful additions to your security system.

6. Can you provide information for me to supply my homeowner’s insurance?

A home security system can help you receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Ask your security provider for all the documents that you can submit to your insurance provider.

7. Does the security system company provide additional advanced safety features?

Growing innovation in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) [1], and advanced safety features have taken the limelight in security systems. Ask your service provider whether the system comes with such in-built features. These include remote access to the controls, direct notifications to your phone, connection to digital apps, and more.

8. If the monitoring service is canceled, or I move, can I take the equipment with me?

Understand the terms of ownership before finding the right security system. Find out if the security system is on a lease basis, or if it belongs to you for the active period of service.

9. Is the company a licensed security system provider?

Taking legalities into account while choosing a security system provider is quite vital. Ask your security system company whether they have obtained the licenses required by local laws. You may even conduct your research to find out whether the company is adequately licensed.

10. What is the average response time of the company?

A good security system company will have a fairly efficient response time. An ideal response time should not exceed a minute. Try to find a company whose response time extends to a maximum of 30–60 seconds.

11. Does the security system company provide monitoring services?

Find out whether the security system company provides professional monitoring services before investing in one. Research shows that homeowners value the ability of a security system to subsequently alert the required authorities in case of a break-in.

It is also important to assess the quality of the monitoring services. The quality of the surveillance cameras used, the advanced features of the monitoring system, and the efficiency of the alarms are vital criteria.

12. Are there any additional charges?

As per Scott Taylor, an international security expert, a lot of cost-effective security systems provide top-notch services. So, make sure to remove any hidden costs [2]. The amount you pay should align with the quality of service received. Read through the fine print. Ask for complete transparency. Account for each cost incurred. These will help you find a system that is budget-friendly and effective.

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A well-rounded experience will be the prime focus of a good security system. The response time of the system and the quality of surveillance equipment used are major parts of this. Additionally, the level of advanced security provisions and the terms of the contract signed are to be considered. The overall costs being incurred also need to be considered before making the purchase. Ensure to question your security system installer with intricate questions about each aspect of the system. This way, you will be able to receive the best returns on your investment and experience a blissful living experience.


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