Home Security System Installer

We can personally design and install your custom home security system to satisfy your home security needs. Listed below are just some of the high-end, yet affordable, products we install as well as resources for additional support. We provide and fully support many home security and fire prevention products. These include but are not limited to DSC, IDView, Honeywell (Ademco), FBI, and Alula. Please refer to our technical support page or contact us for more information.

  • New Construction Installations
  • Retro-fitted Installations on already-built homes
  • Perimeter and Interior
  • Fire Protection
  • Carbon Monoxide Protection
  • Home Security Cameras
  • Remote Viewing
  • Remote Arming
  • Video Doorbells
  • Home Automation
  • Driveway Probes
  • Cellular Monitoring

Learn the basics of a home security system and the protection it can provide.  Watch video:

Trusted All Over Greater Cleveland

Home Security Systems in Cleveland Ohio

We protect and secure thousands of homes all over the Cleveland area.  From Cleveland to Akron, from Avon to Ashtabula, families have trusted us since 1974.  We use top quality tech and offer it to you at affordable prices to protect what is most important to you.

Call us to schedule a free consultation.  We’ll come out to assess your security needs and provide you with a free quote.


Our Products

Keypads and Control Devices

Your system will include one or more keypads installed at appropriate locations around your home. These are used to turn the security system on and off, adjust settings, present important information regarding the status of your system, and call the authorities. All allow for multiple zones, many users, and advanced control of your security system. They differ only by the manner in which information is presented on the screen.


Perimeter and Interior Protection

Motion detectors, video recorders, door and window contact sensors, and glass break sensors detect and prevent unwanted guests. If the security system is tripped, the monitoring service can contact you as well as law enforcement agencies.

Ask us about our pet immune motion sensors for pet friendly homes!


Fire, Life and Property Protection

Smoke detectors, sump pump overflow detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors integrated into the monitoring service deliver the advantages of a constantly supervised home security system. If an event occurs or a detector requires maintenance, the monitoring service can respond appropriately by contacting you as well as the proper authorities.


Communications Options

With the advancements of today’s technology and the ever-increasing necessity of cell phones it is obvious to us that the need for land line phone service has decreased dramatically over the years. Because of this we offer multiple cellular primary and back up communicators to send signals from your panel to the monitoring station in place of a hard phone line.

Immune to cut phone lines, cellular monitoring is also incredibly smart and reliable!  Forgot to arm your system?  Arm your home security system with our app from anywhere in the world – from Cleveland to Fiji!


Video Doorbell Systems

Our Ring video doorbells offer up 1080HD video streaming, allowing you to view, hear, and speak to your visitors.  Answer your door from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Surveillance Systems - Home Security Cameras

Ever wonder what goes on when you’re not around?  Now you can view your home in real time from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Verify false alarms, help law enforcement catch intruders, see who’s at the front door, or check in while you’re at work.