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May 31, 2023 | Security and Fire Protection

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When it comes to safeguarding your family and your home, security is a crucial issue. This is due to the fact that, despite our best efforts, the world is far from ideal and there is always a potential for burglary or vandalism in your home as well as any other property you own. So, the key question is, how can you keep your home and family safe from security threats, and what are the best property security measures?

This is when a security partner like Rhodes Security Systems comes in handy. We rank among the biggest local security firms in the Shaker Heights area. Because we provide the most dependable 24-hour emergency service and the greatest technology available to meet your needs, thousands of your neighbors have come to rely on us.

At Rhodes Security Systems, we are fully aware that home security is about protecting people and their property from disruptions, intrusions of privacy, and other threats that could endanger the safety and health of those we care about who live there. We serve every type of residential property, including homes, apartment complexes, gated communities, and any other residential living spaces. These are all, as we are well aware, vulnerable to the same risks of theft, vandalism, assault, and burglary.

We also recognize that money can often be a concern. We will therefore take the time to carefully consider your home’s requirements before designing a security system that meets those objectives without going overboard. Your home security system typically doesn’t need to be as sophisticated or powerful as a commercial security system. We’ll make sure your system has all the layers of security required to fend off threats and keep attackers at bay while still enabling you to effortlessly use your system and comprehend the functions that are available to you.

Most importantly, you will feel protected and comfortable with your loved ones.

Get in touch with us right now to go over our security solutions and discuss your needs!

Residential Security Systems to Ensure Your Safety

Today’s market offers a wide variety of home security system types. Simple door and window alarms to more complex systems with motion detectors, cameras, glass break sensors, and even remotely controlled locks can all be included in home security systems. Choosing a security system that effectively suits your demands might be tricky. More sophisticated security system components, such as access control systems and video cameras, are frequently included in business security systems. Here is a more detailed look at some of the security services and systems we can deploy.

Business Security Systems

When it comes to protecting a commercial establishment, we provide a diverse range of commercial security system options. But, with so many products on the market, how can you protect your company without spending a fortune? That’s where Rhodes Security Systems comes in. We can properly examine your company and find a dependable and economical commercial security system that matches your individual demands. Here are some factors we evaluate when selecting a security system for your company:
We determine the size of your company and the level of security you require.
Choose an extendable system that allows you to add new features as needed.
Check that the system incorporates intrusion detection, video surveillance, and access control.
Ensure that the system is simple to use and monitor.
There isn’t a single, universally effective commercial security strategy. Working with a reliable security firm like Rhodes Security Systems that can create a solution to meet your unique demands is the best approach to locate the ideal security system for your business. We strive to create a balance of cost and dependability since we understand that a comprehensive security system is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run.

Monitoring of Residential and Commercial Security Systems

We provide Professional security system monitoring. According to your preferences, we can configure it so that either you, the property owner, or we, a reputable security firm, will be in charge of monitoring. We take care to select the most appropriate security system for the property out of the many various kinds that are offered.

Find the best security system installer for your home

There are different ways to monitor security systems:

  • Installed CCTV to provide video surveillance of critical areas of the property.
  • Alarm systems, which may be configured to alert the owner or the security provider if there is an intruder, are frequently employed to monitor residential properties.

We work with you to implement multiple levels of security because we are aware that no security system is perfect and that there are always methods for thieves to get around them. This covers both digital security, such as firewalls and encryption, as well as physical security, such as locks and alarms. You may make it considerably more difficult for burglars to enter your property by implementing many layers of security to Secure home and business.

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Home CCTV Systems

One of the best security tools ever created for home security is residential security cameras. Security cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use, and they may be used for more than just keeping an eye on things and inadvertently protecting your home. They usually include HD resolution in addition to other features like two-way conversation, night vision, and mobile phone controls.

So, do you require one? How much protection you want to give your home or place of business depends in great part on the response to this question. You can’t really see what’s going on at home without cameras. Although motion sensors can detect movement and alert you when windows or doors are opened or closed, cameras go far further in allowing you to confirm precisely what is happening while you are away or in the event of an alarm.

Looking for the best security cameras? A closed-circuit television system called a domestic surveillance system is used to monitor a residential address. Residential security systems can be as straightforward as a single camera to monitor a single room or as complicated as multiple cameras placed in a grid pattern to view the entire house.

A network video recorder is where the images, videos, and audio signals captured by residential surveillance systems are transferred so they may be watched and recorded. When security cameras spot activity in a certain area, a motion alert can also be delivered via email, text message, or mobile application.

Detection System for Home Fires

The two types of home fire detection systems that Rhodes Security Systems uses are heat and smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are the most important component of most simple fire detection systems. The standard recommends using heat detectors in addition to the normal smoke detector system but does not require their use as part of the primary protective strategy. An electrical power transfer method, an alarm-sounding mechanism, and a detection chamber make up a smoke detector. The two types of smoke detectors most commonly used in houses are ionization and photoelectric.

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Both detectors will ultimately detect the presence of smoke, but their operational principles are different. For instance, the photoelectric detector picks up the larger, more visible smoke particles whereas the ion chamber detector detects the smaller, normally unseen particles. It is therefore ideal to include both types of detectors within your detection system.

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Customized Services for Residential Security

Looking for security services have been optimized to meet the unique requirements of residential structures. Depending on the preferences of the residents, they can be changed to offer more or less security. The following are a few of the most popular personalized home security services:

  • CCTV camera installation
  • Installing customized security surveillance systems
  • Installing access control systems for inspecting delivery people and guests

Depending on their budget and preferred level of security, residents can choose to use some or all of these services. Individualized residential security services give people who live in houses, apartments, and condos comfort and security.

Smart Home Security And Home Automation

Looking for a Home Automation System? At Rhodes Security Systems, you can rely on us for your home automation. The use of technology to enhance the functionality of your home is known as home automation. With the use of sensors, software, and wireless protocols, everyday equipment in your home may carry out their tasks automatically. Your smart home security system can interact with door locks, lights, thermostats, plugs, and other devices. Remote control of smart home appliances is possible from your smartphone, another smart device, or a set schedule. For instance, you might program your smart gadgets to change the temperature, turn off the lights when you leave for work in the morning, and lock the door.

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In addition to its interesting features, this system has extraordinarily high levels of security. Every device in your house is completely under your control, and you may even lock any invader inside until the police show up or prevent them from entering at all.

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Installation of Wiring and Hardware for Commercial Data Networks, Audio/Video Systems, and Video Conferencing

At Rhodes Security Systems, we have the expertise to set up commercial data networks’ wiring and hardware as well as to guarantee clear video and audio during video conferencing. Because poorly done wiring and hardware installation can result in issues with crosstalk, interference, and other audio/visual issues that make it challenging to have a good video conference, it is crucial to take hiring a competent installer into consideration. Request professional installation of your business Audio Visual System.

Systems for Emergency Response

The many emergency response system types are arranged such that they can offer the most efficient response to an emergency situation. Emergency response systems come in three varieties:



Emergency response systems comprise processes and strategies that are put in place to ensure that everyone knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Additionally, it entails having the tools and materials on hand and prepared for usage.
There is no one-size-fits-all emergency response system, so we make sure that the one we choose is tailored to the precise crisis type you are planning for as well as the unique requirements of your organization.
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Systems for Commercial Fires

At Rhodes Security Systems, we can install a commercial fire system that includes a variety of components such as alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. Alarms are the first line of fire protection. When they detect smoke or heat, they either activate the sprinkler system or call the fire service. Sprinklers are used to suppress or extinguish fires. They are typically found in building ceilings and walls. Extinguishers are portable fire extinguishers that can be used to extinguish small flames. They are usually found near exits, in corridors, or in kitchens.

A business fire system goes a long way toward saving lives and property. Request installation of a Fire Detection System. You can ensure that your business is prepared for the worst by installing alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. However, in order for these systems to be effective, dependable, and up to code, they must be properly installed by a competent company like Rhodes Security Systems.

Access Control for Businesses

Looking for  access to certain regions within a facility can be controlled using commercial access control systems. For example, some office buildings may have a distinct area for executive offices that only personnel with the necessary level of clearance can enter.

Commercial access control systems range from simple keypad entry systems to more complex biometric access control systems. There are numerous commercial access control systems available that we can implement for your company. You might want:

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Keypad entry system
Biometric access control system
Card-based system
A keypad entry system allows you to enter a code into a building by using a keypad. Office buildings, retail stores, and other commercial establishments frequently use keypad entry systems.

Biometric access control systems identify individuals who are permitted to enter a building by using fingerprint scanners or iris scanners. These systems are frequently utilized in government buildings and other high-security locations.

A card-based system employs swipe or proximity scanners that need the presentation of a preprogrammed card in order to obtain entrance. To control who can enter each part of the facility, each card can be programmed with a specified level of access.

When selecting a business access control system, keep the following factors in mind:

The needs of your business: the type of system you require will be determined by the nature of your firm. A small firm, for example, may only require a simple keypad entry system, whereas a larger corporation may require a more sophisticated card-based system.
The amount of security required: If you are concerned about theft or vandalism, you should think about a system that includes cameras and alarms.
The system’s price. Some access control systems can be extremely costly, so we do a cost-benefit analysis to support the solutions we offer.

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Shaker Heights Police Department

Address: 3355 Lee Rd, Shaker Heights, OH 44120, United States

The police help with your home security by responding to emergencies, investigating crimes, and conducting preventive patrols. They will get involved when there is a threat to life or property, or when a crime has been committed. They collaborate with security providers, offer crime prevention programs, and can be contacted through emergency hotlines for immediate assistance. Homeowners should reach out to the police whenever they suspect criminal activity or require help with their home security.
A security company would involve the police when there is an alarm activation, verified threat, or panic button activation. This collaboration ensures that the police can respond promptly to potential security breaches or emergencies, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the security measures in place.

Shaker Heights Fire Department

Address: 2801 Warrensville Center Rd

The fire service gets involved in home security by providing fire prevention education and resources to homeowners. And more importantly, In case of a fire emergency, homeowners can contact the fire service through emergency hotlines for immediate assistance. Firefighters are dispatched to the location as soon as contacted.

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Department of Public Safety Office

Address: Charles D. Shipley Building, 1970 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43223, United States

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) in the United States is responsible for maintaining public safety, including aspects of home security. This could involve law enforcement duties, like collaborating with local police departments and responding to security incidents. The DPS also plays a role in emergency response coordination during events like natural disasters, ensuring the safety of residents and providing assistance when needed.

Office of Emergency Management:

Address: 2855 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43235, United States

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) oversees emergency preparedness and response efforts in order to help the public prevent or cope with hazards. They develop emergency plans, educate the public on home security measures, coordinate responses to security incidents impacting homes, and foster collaboration with agencies and community organizations to enhance home security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a home security system?

A home security system’s primary objectives are home protection and family safety. This includes burglary detection/prevention, but a security system also pick

What types of home security solutions do I need?

Several factors influence the type of security system a homeowner or business owner needs. These include the location of the property, the level of crime in the area, the property’s size and layout, the client’s lifestyle or business operations, the value of assets being protected, and the client’s budget. Other considerations may include the presence of valuable or sensitive information, the number of entry points, the need for remote access or monitoring, and any specific security concerns or requirements identified through a security audit. All of these factors collectively decide the security solution that you will require. Some of these systems include; Fire Alarm Systems, Security Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Wireless Sensors, Remote Monitoring.

Can I operate my access control system remotely?

Yes, you can use a device to remotely control the majority of contemporary home security systems. Smart home security systems are systems that support apps.

Are CCTV cameras static or can they be moved to view things?

Yes and No. A Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera can be moved by an operator using a joystick, artificial intelligence software, detectors, or motion sensors, as opposed to a static CCTV camera, which provides a fixed view of the area you want to watch or protect.

Can your equipment be leased or is it only available for permanent installations?

Yes. Leasing security systems is a cost-effective way to ensure you have access to important equipment promptly without incurring large upfront expenditures. By spreading out the expense of your security equipment over 3 or 5 years with security system leasing, you may lessen the financial impact on your company.

My security system was installed by a previous occupant of my building. Can you service, maintain and repair it?

We can, yes. Depending on the problem, we may be able to fix the current system or merely swap out the damaged parts. Additionally, we provide a selection of annual service and maintenance care plans with a variety of cover options. These can include every component of your access control, door entry, and CCTV systems. Please get in touch with us to go over your needs.

Can I access the images from my CCTV system remotely?

Sure you can! There are two ways to link security cameras and watch them from any location remotely: either by connecting IP cameras over the internet via an application or client, or by setting up port forwarding.