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Jun 1, 2023 | Security and Fire Protection

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Home Security Systems Cleveland Heights Ohio – Rhodes Security Systems

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About Us: Why You Should Choose Us For The Job

We are an accredited security systems company that has been in business for over 20 years. We specialize in providing home security and alarm systems as well as security systems solutions for residents in Ohio and its surrounding areas. We are a professional home security company and our professionals are experts in the security systems design, installation, maintenance, and 24-hour remote monitoring. We always put in our best efforts and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations when delivering our services to them and the reason for this can be attributed to our many years of experience in providing and supplying the best security systems and residential security services. We have been maintaining and installing quality security systems for both homeowners and business or commercial property owners in all of Ohio and its surrounding areas. Hence, we offer both residential and commercial security systems services. If you are a business owner, homeowner, or commercial property owner in need of quality security systems or you already have an existing security system but would like to monitor, repaired or upgrade it, then feel free to call us. No matter your requirements or specific needs, we can provide you with security solutions that are tailored to suit your financial budget and also meet your needs.

Over the years, our company has grown in size but not withstanding, our focus still remains our customers’ individual needs and personal service and this has made us stand out in the crowd. We provide a wide range of security services around Ohio and some of the key services we offer are:

Home alarm systems
Wireless alarms
Security alarms for business
Fire alarms
Access control
CCTV systems
Security cameras
Intruder alarms/Burglar alarms

Residential Security Systems For Your Safety

The importance of ensuring that your home and family are secure and safe can never be overemphasized. At Rhodes Security Systems, this safety is our priority and you can count on us to help give you the peace of mind that comes from having your property protected from burglars and intruders. When it comes to the security needs of homeowners, there is no standard, one size fits all. The security system that is best for you is all dependent on your financial budget, preferences, and the level of protection you need in your home. Our expert installers will give you a guaranteed service that will ensure that the security system installed perfectly suits your property and your needs. If you do choose us as your security system company in Cleveland, we will send an experienced team to carry out a free survey of your home and assess your security needs. This will help us recommend a security system tailored to suit the specific needs assessed from the survey.

The alarm systems we install can be monitored 24 hours a day by our monitoring station. Hence, you can relax and be rest assured that the protection of you and your home is guaranteed. You also do not need to worry about the protection of your home when you are not around because you can also remotely monitor our security systems through your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Our security service doesn’t end at the installation of your security system. Along with the installation, we also provide preventative and ongoing maintenance on the system to make sure that it is properly functioning to the best of its ability.

Bespoke Commercial Security Systems

Over the years, Rhodes Security Systems have been providing industrial, commercial, and public sector customers with technically advanced and reliable electronic security systems and solutions. We have a plethora of different commercial security system options to pick from, when it comes to the safety and protection commercial establishment to prevent security breaches. The security equipments we install on your commercial establishment are all high-quality equipments that are tailored to meets your specific needs and be within the limit of your financial budget. We have a team of professionals who are skilled experts and they will ensure that your site is secure all the time whether day or night. We specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and 24-hour remote monitoring of commercial security systems tailored to your specific needs. Your business and property will be protected from security breaches when we install our high-tech and high quality commercial security systems. The commercial services we provide our customers are a blend of reliability, durability, accessibility and affordability. Looking for the best Commercial Security System choose Rhodes Security Systems and installing a comprehensive security system and request security system monitoring service on your commercial property is an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run.

Our Detection System for Home Fires

We deploy two different forms of home fire detection systems at Rhodes Security Systems — heat and smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are The main component of most basic fire detection systems are smoke detectors. Although it is suggested that in addition to the typical smoke detector system, you should also use heat detectors but the use of heat detectors as part of the primary protection plan is not mandatory. Looking for the best Fire Detection System? the components of a standard smoke detector include an alarm sounding mechanism, a detection chamber, and a method of electrical power transfer. We provide installation of Fire Detection Systems for Businesses.

Find the best security system installer for your home

Smoke detectors used in homes are of two types — Photoelectric smoke detectors and Ionization smoke detectors. Although both smoke detectors have the same function which is the detection of the presence of smoke, they however work differently. The photoelectric smoke detector detects the larger, visible smoke particles while the ionization smoke detector detects tiny, seemingly undetectable particles. As a result, it is advisable to use both kinds of detector in your smoke detection system.

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Home CCTV and Alarm Systems

As the sophistication of criminals increases, the safety and protection of homes and families have become more challenging. However, the introduction of CCTV and Alarm Systems have made the sophistication of security systems match that of criminals. Installing a CCTV and Alarm System in your home has become one of the most effective ways to secure it. Acting as an extra pair of eyes and senses, CCTV and house alarm systems complement each other and function effectively to protect your home and family. For the security needs of every home and family, CCTV and alarm systems are the basic security measures as they help ensure that your home is safe, secure and protected from Burglars and intruders. While the CCTV provides surveillance videos and images, the alarm system provides alerts for a wide array of unwanted events.

The usage of both CCTV cameras and alarm systems can be combined by homeowners and they can also be used independently. Install Home Automation Systems, CCTV and alarm systems of Rhodes Security Systems can function as an integrated system and individual system also.

It has been proven over the years that having a CCTV and alarm system in your home reduces the chances of a crime taking place. Potential intruders or burglars are discouraged from entering a home that has install a Residential Security Camera and alarm systems making them move on to another home that has no CCTV or alarm system installed. Our CCTV and alarm systems are modern and high-tech and they are effective and affordable for all homeowners that want to monitor their homes both indoor and outdoor. Each of the CCTV and alarm system designed by Rhodes Security Systems is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. In addition, we provide 24-hour monitoring services with our alarm systems. We have security professionals that are assigned to monitor your home on your behalf for any unwanted forces and motion during attempted intrusions and break-ins and in turn notify you while taking the necessary actions and reporting to the necessary authorities. This plays a big role in fulfilling the security needs of homeowners.

Smart Home Security And Home Automation

At Rhodes Security Systems, you can count on us for your smart home security home automation. You may be wondering what home automation is and how it is related to Home security. We are here to give you the answer to that!
Home automation has to do with using technology to improve the functionality of your home. With the deployment of software, wireless protocols and sensors, the everyday equipment in your house which includes your security systems will be able to automatically perform their functions. With home automation, your smart home security system will interact with thermostats, door locks, plugs, lights, thermostats, and other devices and it will all be connected to your smartphone or other smart device.

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Having a smart home security system in your home allows you to manage your smart home appliances remotely from your smartphone, other Mobile smart device, or a programmed schedule. An example of smart home automation is setting up your smart devices to turn off your lights or adjust the temperature in your home whenever you leave and lock your entrance. Smart security systems and home automation comes with lots of exciting features as well as a tremendous degree of security. With this security system, you can be in complete control of every device in your home, and it lets you prevent intruders from entering your home or even lock any intruder in until the cops arrive.

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Emergency Response Systems

There are three different types of emergency response systems and these systems have a way they are organized that allows them to be able to provide property owners with the most effective response in an emergency situation. The three different types of emergency response systems are Pre-planned, On-scene and Post-incident emergency response systems. These Emergency response systems come with plans and procedures that are put in place for everyone knows what to do whenever there’s an emergency. Also included in the emergency response systems are the necessary equipment and supplies all set and ready for immediate use.

At Rhodes Security Systems, we make sure that the emergency response system you choose is designed for the specific needs of your organization and the specific type of emergency situations that you are planning for.

Access Control Systems

Our Company also specializes in the installation of Access Control Systems for commercial and residential properties in all of Ohio and its surrounding areas. When it comes to our access control systems, we have an array of options from which you can make a choice that suits your security needs. Whether you request for Audio Visual System Installation or want just a single door with an access system or you want a total and complete networked system, with biometrics, magnetic cards or proximity access for both external and internal doors, we are at your service. We make granting access into your home as simple as pressing a button as we provide barriers and turnstiles which incorporate the latest technology. Our specialty at Rhodes Security Systems is to design and install access control systems tailored to suit home and business requirements in Ohio.

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We handle the entire procedure involved in getting an access control system. We carry out an initial site survey and give you an in-depth consultation, we design your access control system that will suit your home or business requirements as found from the site survey, we deploy skilled, certified and qualified engineers to install the access control system designed for you and lastly, we provide maintenance of your system.

You are guaranteed to receive the latest, high quality access control system technology when you choose Rhodes Security Systems. This high quality technology is provided by our security manufacturing partners (carefully selected) to give you the best security and protection possible. Our access control systems is sure to give you full control of who goes in and out of your property and will let you allow all of your authorized personnel in while keeping all unauthorized persons out.

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Installation & Maintenance

Rhodes Security Systems provide security system installation services, system maintenance, and repair of faults for all types of security systems in all of Ohio and its surrounding areas. Our maintenance packages are designed and tailored to meet the home and property requirements of our customers.
At Rhodes Security Systems, our services do not end at installation, our professional staffs will work with you all through the entire process and give you the best security system that suits your needs. We will be with you from initial free quote and security site survey to designing your security system according to your requirements and budget, then to the installation and maintenance of your security system.

We are highly dedicated to our service to you and we ensure that the security system installed is the right one for the safety of your home or business. Our work efficiently, effectively and quickly while ensuring that your day has little to no disruption.

We have maintenance contracts and all of these contracts come with regular service checks and these regular checks reduce false alarms and ensure the alarm will be raised in the event of an unwanted intruder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a home security system?

The primary reasons for getting a home security system are family safety and home protection. This includes detection and prevention of burglary. However, a home security system can also detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and water damage, among other risks.

What are the types of home security solutions I need?

This is highly dependent on several factors, some of which include the level of crime in the area, the location of the property, the property’s size and layout, the lifestyle of the customer or business operations, the value of assets being protected, and the financial budget of the customer. Other things to also consider are the number of entry points, the presence of valuable or sensitive information, the need for monitoring or remote access, and any specific security concerns or requirements identified through a security audit. It is the combination of all these factors that determine the type of security solution that you will need.

Will my CCTV cameras stop recording if my network connection stops working?

Your CCTV cameras may be used without an internet connection. Hence, they will not necessarily stop recording if your network stops working. In addition, they can even function without electricity. An internet connection is only necessary when you are remotely viewing the video. Although using the internet has its advantages, that doesn’t mean it is necessary for the CCTV to function.

Is it possible to remotely operate my access control system?

Yes, it is very possible. You can connect your access control system to your smartphone or any other smart device and use the device to remotely control the system. Smart home security systems are systems that support apps.

Are CCTV cameras static or can they be moved to view things?

Some CCTV cameras are static while others are mobile. A Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera can be moved by an operator using a joystick, artificial intelligence software, detectors, or motion sensors, as opposed to a static CCTV camera, which provides a fixed view of the area you want to watch or protect.

Can your equipment be leased or is it only available for permanent installations?

Yes. A cost-effective way to ensure you have access to important equipment promptly is leasing security systems. This prevents you from incurring large upfront expenditures. You may reduce the financial impact on your company by spreading out the expense of your security equipment over 3 or 5 years with security system leasing.

My security system was installed by a previous occupant of my building. Can you service, maintain and repair it?

Of course, we can. We may merely swap out the damaged parts or fix the current system depending on the problem. In addition, we provide a selection of maintenance care plans and annual service with a plethora of different cover options. These can include every component of your access control, door entry, and CCTV systems.

Can I access the images from my CCTV system remotely?

Yes, you definitely can! You can link your security cameras to your smartphone or other mobile smart device and watch the videos and images remotely from any location. This can be done in two ways — either by setting up port forwarding or by connecting IP cameras over the internet via an application or client.